Saturday, May 03, 2014

Liv's Week in Review 4/28/14 - 5/3/14

Well Saturday has come and is close to being gone once again!

I had my 16 week check up on Tuesday, the 29th.  So far I have gained 3 pounds, my blood pressure was 128/76, baby's heartbeat was 141, and I have my gender scan scheduled for May 27th!  If you want to guess baby's gender you are more than welcome to! :)  My guess is boy, but I'm starting to wonder if it's a girl...  I am having girl dreams and I feel like my hair is getting more red like it did when I was pregnant with my girls, sooo I guess we will see!  My parents are planning on keeping the kids that day and night and the next day we are going to do a gender reveal for them.  I am very excited about that :D  Here are my latest baby bump pictures.  I will be 17 weeks tomorrow.  These were taken at 16 weeks 4 days.
 Thursday, May 1st was May Day!  The kids and I "surprised" my mom with some goodies.  Mom, my sister, and I used to do this for our grandma every year!  Oh how I miss my grandma ♥  I thought it would be good to try to keep this tradition going with my kids too.  We made this little basket out of a tin can and a wire hanger :)  I decorated the can with flower seeds packets.  The only tools needed were wire cutters, a drill, and a hot glue gun.  I thought it turned out really cute.  I let the kids pick out some candy bars and then we made hand print flowers glued onto craft sticks.  I made sure they wrote their name on the back of their flower.
We ended up staying for a few hours that day and we visited my dad at the house they will be renting.  He was working on putting new floor in.  It's going to look very nice!  The kids played out back for a while and decided to climb a huge cottonwood tree.

It was a fun day and fun to surprise my mom even though she knew we were coming lol ;)  When we got home I had a surprise waiting for me!  I had a delivery notice on my door from a flower shop downtown with a note saying to call them.  I called and they said they would bring my delivery right away.  I got this lovely vase of flowers from my amazing friend, Stacey!  I can't even begin to explain how awesome it was to be thought of and receive such a sweet surprise all the way from Canada ♥  One of these days I hope we can meet face to face.  Her friendship alone has been such a gift to me even though we only speak through facebook.  I feel like I have known her forever!  Well come to find out, my mom was in on the whole thing!  I had no clue.  My mom called me that morning before we left the house and she was supposed to stall me so I wouldn't miss the delivery lol!  Crazy enough, I was actually on the ball that morning and ready to head out the door.  I'm kind of glad it worked out the way it did though.  It was a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day.  Just what I needed!  Even though I think I made Stacey sweat all day hoping I'd get the flowers lol ;)
Sean and I have still been walking and on the days that we don't walk if it's too chilly or windy or wet etc... then I try to do some stretches and exercises.  I also try to walk in the basement for at least 30 minutes on the Gazelle.  We are both enjoying the cool, quiet mornings together.  Sean has a lot to talk about and I'm happy to listen.  I need to bring my camera one of these mornings and try to get some pictures as we walk.  The reflections of the trees and clouds in the water is so pretty!  Also, the orange and pink clouds as the sun is rising are beautiful!  Here are some lilacs Sean picked for me after one of our walks.  They smell amazing!
 Chris and I got to go on a date Thursday night.  We got a great sitter and the kids love her!  We went out to eat and then walked around Walmart and got a few groceries.  I got lots of fruits and veggies to have on hand so I don't eat junk lol ;)  One of the things we picked up was a watermelon.  I wasn't sure if it would be good yet, but it is!  Still have another half in the fridge that I need to cut up.  Now that I'm having more energy to walk and I'm no longer nauseated and gaggy I am enjoying healthier eating.  I want to grow a healthy baby ♥
Tomorrow at 17 weeks my baby will be about the size of an onion in case you were curious ;)
your baby's the size of an onion!
Baby continues to beef up. Now she's about 5.1 inches long and weighs about 5.9 ounces.

your baby at 17 weeks
  • Her rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone.
  • And she's growing some meat on those bones -- putting on some fat.
  • She's growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord, too.
See you next week!  Have a great one.

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  1. The flowers are beautiful! And I say baby is a boy :)