Sunday, April 20, 2014

Liv's Week in Review and EASTER! 4/12/14 - 4/20/14 - A bit of a picture overload...

Hello!  I have to say I am thankful for facebook so I can look back and read my posts to better remember my week.  I am so scatterbrained these days I forget what happened lol ;)

This isn't a huge thing, but just thought I'd mention that I am able to drink coffee again!  Woohoo!  There for a while the smell was nauseating and I just couldn't even think about drinking it.  I only drink one cup a day if I "need" it, but it's a lovely pick-me-up when I'm getting low on energy and I have things to do.  Now if only I would get a bit more motivation to do what needs to be done!  I keep getting distracted and I procrastinate...  I wish coffee would help with that too.

In other pregnancy related news I am now 15 weeks!  Here is a picture from 14 weeks and a picture from today at 15 weeks!  I cannot believe how fast I am growing, but I guess it only makes sense with my 5th baby, 6th pregnancy that I'd be getting bigger sooner.  Baby is now supposedly the size of an orange when compared to fruit.

We got a little spring snow one day last week.  It was really pretty, but didn't last long of course.  I welcome the moisture and really...  "The cold never bothered me anyway." hehe couldn't resist!
I mentioned last week that I had scheduled well child check ups for the kids.  Well we had those Wednesday and Thursday.  That went well and they are healthy and growing of course!  Nothing really new to report there.

The kids and I went to my parent's house on Friday to see the "cottage" they will be renting soon.  It's very nice!  We also did a little more packing, but not much and I helped make some food in preparation for Easter.

Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs as a family.  They turned out pretty nice.  Of course the pink is never as pink as I wish, but Chloe and Lily were happy with them anyway :)  Also, we went to Walmart and picked up the free Easter bunny pictures that were taken earlier in the week.  We happened to be there one day when they were taking pictures, otherwise I wouldn't have even gone out of my way to get pictures.  The girls enjoyed it though.  Sean says he's too old now ;)
Well today is Easter Sunday!  We had talked about trying to go to the sunrise service this morning at 7, but we ended up staying up too late and getting up early just didn't happen.  We did get up and around in time to go to church for breakfast at 9 and then there was some fun stuff for the kids after breakfast before the 10:30 service.  It was a nice morning!  I love Easter Sunday!  Such a joyful day ♥  There was an Easter egg hunt and a balloon launching.

After church we headed to my parent's for more Easter fun!  It was a good day of sweet fellowship with family, yummy food, and lovely weather.

 I LOVE how this picture turned out!  Sean had been pulling weeds and a ladybug crawled onto his hand.  I was able to snap a shot just as the ladybug started to take flight and my camera stayed in focus! :D
 Happy Easter from us!

This is one of my favorite Easter hymns - 

Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o'er His foes,
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Everyone is kind of looking in different directions, but these turned out pretty nice too!


  1. You are the cutest thing and I love your pictures!

    1. Oh thank you! :) I'm really enjoying these Weeks in Review! I'm so glad you started doing this and invited me to do it as well.