Saturday, April 12, 2014

Liv's Week in Review 4/5/14 - 4/12/14

It is time for another Week in Review!  Wow that week went fast! 

Hmmm, where to start?  Well this week I have been feeling little baby flutters, which is awesome!  Sometimes more than just little flutters.  I think this is going to be an active little guy or gal.  For some reason I didn't feel a lot of movement with Lily till closer to 20 weeks and that was really frustrating for me and caused a lot of worry.  With the other kids I always felt movement between 16-18 weeks consistently.  I believe I first felt movement around 14 weeks though, so it makes sense since this is my 5th baby that I would be feeling movement sooner and more consistently already.  Also, I am really enjoying the Angelsounds Doppler that I got from Jami.  It is so amazing to hear that little heartbeat so strong!  I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing it.

I was 13 weeks on Sunday last week and supposedly baby was about the size of a peach at 13 weeks.  I always thought the baby-fruit comparison was kinda silly and cute.  Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and baby will be the size of a lemon.  I do think the little peanut is growing as I feel like I have grown and I am feeling a lot more round ligament pain and stretching.  Sometimes I can't quite tell if I am feeling some early Braxton Hicks contractions or if it's just stretching that I am feeling...  Nothing too painful, but certainly noticeable.  Especially if I am doing a lot of housework or anything strenuous.

I took Lily for a weight and height check and she is 25.5 pounds and 36 inches.  She has grown since her last check up, but she is still considered underweight for her age and height.  I am not concerned, just happy she's growing.  I decided to go ahead and schedule well-child check ups for all four kids for later next week since it has been so long!  They are way overdo, but I try to avoid the doctor as much as possible during cold and flu season, so we just hadn't gone.  I also got them back on the fluoride vitamins since our town's water does not have fluoride in it.  Here is a picture of Lily letting her nails dry off after being painted -

Eleanor has had a lot of cavities and had to have a baby tooth pulled, so I think the fluoride vitamins might help her teeth.  I feel really bad for her.  She flosses and brushes and we don't eat a lot of sweets and we drink mostly water, so I think she is just more prone to cavities.  Her dentist did say that she has deep grooves in her baby teeth, so that could be part of the problem.  The food gets stuck in the grooves and sits there, so we are just going to make sure she is drinking water after she eats and make sure she gets food out of her teeth after she eats.  Here is a picture of Eleanor painting Chloe's nails -
Sean was busy doing some writing while the girls were getting their fingernails painted -
We have had some really nice days this week!  I have enjoyed having the windows open and getting fresh air in the house.  We even took our schoolwork to the park yesterday and sat a picnic table to do our work and reading.  It was so nice to get some sunlight!  When we got home everyone was hot and tired and I decided it was time to switch our winter clothes for summer clothes.  I am still not done with that job, but getting closer.  Here are some pictures from the park!  It started off a little chilly, but it was in the 80's before too long.  We brought some toys for the little girls while the big kids were working on their school and I even got to read a few chapters of my book.  Also, they brought me several pine-cones and then went to play in the dirt under a tree when they were done with their work.

One day the kids and I went to help my parents pack some boxes since they are getting ready to move.  Mom said Sean was a big help packing!  He marked the boxes so they'll know what's in them.  He drew pictures on some of them too.
I had hoped to finish my book this week, but it didn't happen.  I ended up being tired and getting a lot of headaches, but I am sure I will get it finished by the end of next week!  I'm really enjoying it and I think I will need to get the next book in the series!


  1. You've got some beautiful (and handsome) kids.

  2. Placenta placement can determine movements. I felt all the other babies by 12-13 weeks but didn't feel Arie (#6) until 19 weeks and not consistently until 26 weeks. I had an anterior placenta with her.

    1. Yes, I think I remember my doctor saying something about my placenta with Lily, but I really don't remember clearly. I am assuming that was the issue with her and not being able to feel as much movement. Either way, I am just so happy to feel more this time! Takes away some of those fears.