Saturday, April 05, 2014

Liv's Week in Review - 3/28/14-4/5/14

I have a friend who decided to start writing a Week in Review blog post and she asked if I wanted to join her, so I am!  I haven't been great at updating my blog, so I like this idea.

I am actually going to back up to the 28th because I am ashamed to admit that I never did a birthday post for Eleanor!  Eleanor turned 7 on the 28th of March!  We had a small party for her at my parent's house.  She requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  A girl after my own heart lol ♥  My mom and dad got her a pretty necklace and a little jewelry box for her to decorate.
My mini me!  How much she's grown...
 The next day Chris's parents came and we had a small party with them also!  They took Eleanor shopping and she got to pick out some new clothes for her birthday :)

Sunday was the beginning of 12 weeks of pregnancy for me.  So exciting to be getting closer to the second trimester!  I had my 12 week check up on Tuesday and it went well.  Labs all came back good and my blood pressure was great!  Always a relief to get a good report after being at the doctor.  Here is a 12 week baby bump picture.

I won this book from another friend blogger who had a giveaway!  So far I've only read 10 chapters, but I am really enjoying it.

So that is pretty much it for my week in review, but before I go I wanted to share another giveaway going on for a $25 gift certificate from Hazelaid Baltic Amber Jewelry.  Check it out!

Have a good week and I am going to try to take more pictures this week for my next week in review...


  1. You are adorable and Eleanor is a beautiful girl!

  2. Cute belly bump! And you've got a sweet looking birthday girl. :)

  3. Great idea! Fun week! Beautiful baby bump!

    1. Thanks, mom! You are welcome to join in the weekly reviews on your blog :)