Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss ChloBear

I am amazed at how grown up Chloe looks in these pictures!  I just love her to pieces!  She definitely keeps me on my toes!  She is such a busy and inquisitive little girl!  Sometimes I have a hard time keeping her contained because her little mind is always working and thinking about the next thing to do.  She loves to color and play with babies and Barbies and she loves to dress up and dance!  Even though Chloe is such a "busy bee", she is also a very sweet and cuddly little girl.  She loves to snuggle and she definitely wants to do everything Eleanor does.  I think she will really miss Eleanor when she goes to Kindergarten in the Fall!


  1. It was funny, while reading your description of Chloe, I was totally reminded of Ada! Sounds like they are both busy bees. And wow, I remember when they were born, and now they're so old at 3.

  2. "Oh that Chloe!"
    She is a funny, fun, sweetie!
    I love Chlo-bear!

  3. I love her personality. She's funny!