Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Miss Eleanor

I am starting to see that Eleanor is a "quality time" person just like her mommy.  She likes to be with me and she wants to help me and be a "little mommy" to the little ones.  Ellie is sweet natured and very loving.  It's so hard to believe that she will be five this Spring and will be in Kindergarten in the Fall!  She and I have been enjoying doing some Preschool work at home throughout the week when Simon and Lily are napping.  She is such a smarty and I have seen a huge improvement in her penmanship.  The biggest things we have been working on are writing numbers and letters are learning the letter sounds.  She is getting really good at writing the names of everyone in our family.  She can write them without asking for help or having to look at anything!  Eleanor is such a little "Princess" and she loves to dress up and play "house" with Chloe.  Ellie is very imaginative and loves to color and draw.  It amazes me!  She recently drew an airplane for me and it was the cutest thing ever!  She loves lots of colors and shapes and patterns.


  1. She is looking so grown up these days! It is definitely cool when they are a little older like she is and able to do so many more things. That's cool that you're doing preschool work with her, sounds like she enjoys it. :)

  2. Sweet Eleanor! She is an artist!
    She is sweet, sensitive and thoughtful!
    I love Ellie! xoxoxxoxo!

  3. She's too sweet. Love her!