Sunday, February 12, 2012


Oh my baby!  She really isn't a "baby" anymore!  She is getting bigger sillier and smarter everyday!  She is still a tiny tot!  When I took her for a height and weight check her percentages weren't even on the charts because she is so little, but I think that she more than makes up for it in personality!  Lily is starting to use some sign language to communicate with me and I am hearing more and more words  in her vocabulary!  She is such a "parrot" and loves to talk and sing!  Lately I have been calling her "monkey" because she likes to climb.  I have caught her on the table and dressers and beds dancing around.  Just recently Lily has shown an interest in using the potty chair, so I think I will start trying to train her, but I am taking it slow.  She is still pretty young and I don't want to push it if she isn't ready.
I so glad that Lily is finally sitting still for pictures again!  She does the same wrinkled up face that Chloe used to!


  1. I like how you captured her personality in the pictures! What a cutie! And kids definitely come in their own shapes & sizes; the doctors always say that as long as they're following their own growth curve, they're good. She looks healthy to me! Healthy & happy. :)

  2. Sweet Lilyana!
    She has some cute ways with "words" these days!
    I love that baby girl!

  3. Oh my heart! She's adorable and getting super big! I love her petite frame.