Saturday, September 24, 2011

The big kids

Sean's Fall pictures were done not too long ago at school and we opted to pass on purchasing a picture package. Sooo, I took some of my own pictures and collaged them for the blog, but I will probably order a few uncollaged. What do you think?
Eleanor wanted her picture taken too
This was too cute! Chloe brought Wraggles outside and was totally babying him! She pushed him on the swing and pushed him around in her shopping cart and sat him in a chair and talked to him and played school with him. It was so stinking adorable!
We had a really nice cookout with my parents on Tuesday evening. We were planning on going up to Coronado Heights afterward, but it got kinda windy and rainy, so we didn't get to do that, but we had a nice time anyway. Here is Chloe enjoying a smore :)
More first grade pics


  1. How could you choose out of all those great photos of Sean! Wow!
    Sweet Ellie girl!
    I am so glad that Chlo-bear loves Wraggles so well! (Smart girl! She loves s'mores too!)

  2. I like the 3rd one in the collage with the blocks!