Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fair time!

I took the kids to the Kansas State Fair in Hutch! Well, I took Sean and Eleanor. The other two stayed with Grammy and Grandad. We had a terrific time! I really enjoyed spending that time with them :) There was a kids exhibit that was hands on and they really like that. She picture of Sean cracks me up for some reason...
The rides were big and loud and scary to Eleanor, but she still managed to smile for the picture, just with her hands over her ears lol. Sean wanted a corn dog, so that is what we had. We went on the little train ride and that was a lot of fun. You get to see most of the fair without actually having to walk all over the fair :) We went through a tunnel and one point and the kids clung to me a little tighter lol. Sean and I really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but Eleanor cried in fear, so maybe next year...?


  1. Fun times! Those photos are so fun! I still have a photo of my little bro. and me posing at the Kansas State Fair in "Sing Sing Prison". I look back and wonder why prison? I don't know, but I had a round, yellow, Smiley Face belt buckle on to "adorn" my bell-bottom jeans. I did not look happy to be in prison just so ya know.
    Sean looks happy to be a big farmer man, but not as happy being the cheese...
    Ellie is a wise little ;lady to be cautious of those wild, loud and big rides! There may come a time when she is game to go (like her Grandma Bubbles always was and her Mama who took to flight:))! She's a lovely mystery girl, that Eleanor!

  2. Those are great fun pictures! You made some great memories with the kids.

  3. First off, love your hairstyle in the pics! Second, those posters with the cutouts make such cool photos! And third, that is great that you were able to go with just the older two, I think it is nice when we get to divide the numbers every once in awhile.