Friday, September 23, 2011

12 month check up and then some

These pictures were taken on Lily's actual birthday.
This cute baby is Simon. I have been taking care of him 5 days a week. We are really enjoying him! Lily was stealing a birthday kiss ♥
Simon gave Lily a personalized homemade gift! How cute is that?

Lily got this big bunny from my Grandma...maybe I already posted these pictures...sorry about that...
I have to buckle Lily in tight in her high chair or she just wiggles right out. She fell out one day. I felt bad, but it was also a little funny at the same time. She wasn't hurt, just startled. I really have to keep an eye on her. She just doesn't realize the dangers.
Lily is now 16 pounds 10 ounces! I didn't think she'd make it past 16 pounds by a year, but she did! She is 27 1/4 inches. She is still a little thing and she is not walking yet. I sure thought she would be! She rolled early and crawled early, but she is taking her time with walking. That's OK really. I'm just a bit surprised. I asked my Dr. to do a blood test to check her iron level because at her last check she was slightly anemic. They want the number to be 11 or more and hers was 9.9. This time she was just fine though, so that is great! It's probably because she is starting to eat more and she is finally gaining a little more weight :)

So, I have started taking care of a 3 month old baby boy five days a week. He is super cute and so smiley and laid back. We love him! I have been given permission to post some pictures of him from time to time, so I will...


  1. "Lily and Simon sitting n a Bumbo
    I'm so glad Lily is progressing... all in God's appointed time!

  2. Those are some fun photos! Love the bday balloons.

  3. Ok, good to know that Lily is in the same boat with Seth with the high chair thing. I really need to find a strap!