Friday, August 20, 2010


We walked Sean to school today. It was hot again. Plus we walked fast because we didn't leave as soon as we should have. We got there with 1 minute to spare! I felt bad for Sean because it was hot and his cheeks were rosy. I'm sure he was sweating, but at least he had an air conditioned building to be in. There was a teacher (I'm assuming) holding the door open when we got there and she seemed a bit annoyed that I made sure Sean got a cold drink of water before he went in, but I knew he needed it (I brought waters for all of us). Next time we will leave five-ten minutes earlier so we get there sooner and maybe don't have to walk quite so fast.

Anyway, before heading back home, the girls and I sat at a shaded picnic table under a tree at the school. We sat there for about five minutes enjoying the shade and the occasional breeze. It's never quite windy enough when you want it to be.


  1. It was a good trial walk (or run)! It always takes more time than you think when you need to be somewhere! The girls look as cool as cucumbers in their pictures! :)

  2. Got caught up on your school posts--looks like Sean is having a lot of fun! What a cool school mascot. It's nice that you are able to walk to the school. It's good that you had Sean take a drink--no one's going to care for him like his mom!