Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Kids and I took a walk at one of our favorite parks, I don't remember what day, but recently. This is the best park for the warmer days since there is a lot more shade here. The ducks and geese were enjoying the shade also and the water. Before too long they'll be flying south!

It was either that same day, or maybe the next that we walked to Sean's school to pick him up. The girls didn't get a nap that day so Chloe fell asleep on they way there and slept until we got back home. I was hoping for a better picture than this, but right before I got the camera Eleanor got in Chloe's face and said, "Hi Chloe! We're home!", so of course she woke up. But I still got the one eye open, one eye closed shot. Kind of funny.

Today we walked Sean to school and stopped in front of the sign for a picture. The sun was in his eyes.
Tomorrow is 37 weeks for Lily and me! Also a doctor appointment. I will update later on that. Otherwise all is well in Olivia Land.

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