Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clifford - Kindergarten day 2

The girls and I walked to Sean's school today to pick him up. It was warmer than I'd anticipated, but it was still nice to walk. It took us about 15 minutes (I did put Chloe in the stroller or it would have been longer). Thankfully we were able to find a shady bench to sit on while we waited for Sean.

When Sean came out of class today he and all the other Kindergartners were wearing these Clifford ears and noses. So cute!
I brought some crackers and water for the kids, so they munched on those while we walked back home. I think it helped keep their minds off the heat. Once we got home we were all sweaty and their little cheeks were pink, so we put on our swim suits and went out to the backyard to cool off in the sprinklers. It was very refreshing!


  1. Cute Clifford Sean! What a fun and funny mascot! Wow! It seems like a long walk, but a good one!
    Love ya!

  2. Liv, It sounds like you've just eased into the next step perfectly. Awesome!