Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More water fun

We went out to play in the buckets with water and the sprinkler today. I put sunscreen on the kids as always, but I still think they got a little red. Oops! It was HOT again. I like to sit with my feet propped up while they splash in the water. Every few minutes I will get up and splash myself with water, but sometimes I ask the kids to sprinkle water on my, especially my feet and legs. They think that's pretty funny to get mommy wet!

Chloe wanted to be like mommy :-)

Apparently Sean's butt was hot because he set his chair over the sprinkler lol!

Here are some more belly shots. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. I also got this new suit at half off at couple weeks ago at Walmart! The top is a little big, but the bottoms are great! There was only this one left and the top was a large and the bottoms were a medium, so I got what I got. Figured I can't really complain if it was half the price.


  1. Because noses tend to stick out, they can get burned easily. I guess it must be the same with bellies! Yep. Ya need suncreen in this heat!

  2. How are your feet and ankles holding up with the heat? I was a straight line from my knees to my feet last year. It was disgusting.

  3. Amazingly my feet and legs have not been swollen at all this time around!

    With Sean and a little bit with Eleanor I swelled up pretty good (had the cankles and sausage toes lol!), but I think it was also blood pressure related. My blood pressure has been pretty perfect this whole pregnancy, so that is a blessing :-)

    I didn't swell up with Chloe either that I remember...

  4. I think you are a brave mommy! When I was pregnant will Zac (who was born in late July) I remember disliking being out in the heat. Water does help though, doesn't it.