Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday I think the high was only 90! It was awesome! We took a walk to the park yesterday morning and the kids played on the equipment. It ALMOST felt like Autumn! As we walked we saw lots of crab apple trees, so the kids found apples on the ground. Some of them were big and red, but others were small and still yellowish-green. They liked the big, red ones the best.

Sean put his on the end of a pointy stick that he found. He said he was a king!

Here are some crab apple tree pictures

We had a little storm a few days ago. It didn't last long, but it left some major effects around town. This tree split in half and now lays across part of the walking path at the park.

There were a lot of geese at the park the other day. Usually the geese hang out at the other park, but there were at least three times as many as the ones pictured at the park close to our house.

We found our first acorn of the Season! We always love finding whole ones with the "hat" still attached. This one is even still green!

The kiddos enjoyed playing, climbing, sliding, and Chloe stuck pretty close to her sibs! She makes me a bit nervous when she's way up high, especially since I can't climb very fast with my big belly, but she did really well. Definitely better on her feet than Eleanor was at the same age.

Sean is such a good big brother. He looks out for his sisters and here he was helping Chloe down from the higher ledge. Chloe could've done it herself if she went down on her belly, but she likes to have help from her brother. Oh, by the way, his bottom is wet from rain water on the slide.

After the park we came home and relaxed for a bit until lunch time, then after lunch we went out to the backyard. I let the girls play in the water while I gave Sean his back-to-school hair cut. This will probably be the last trim of the Summer for him and hopefully the last before baby comes along. I always like to make sure he is nicely groomed before a new baby comes along. I want to get my hair trimmed soon too. It just makes me feel better about myself, even if it's just taking off an inch or two. Anyway, Sean wanted to know what he looked like with his hair cut just in the middle. Next time I should start on the sides and give him a mohawk! I always start in the middle though and work my way down the sides and around to the back. I don't know why, it just seems easier.
By the way, Sean starts school tomorrow! He goes from 12-3 till the end of the month and then he will start going all day 8-3 starting September 1st! We took in some papers that they needed filled out the other day and he got to meet his teacher while we were there and see his classroom. I think he felt a lot better about everything after that. He's been excited, but also nervous about school. It also looks like (from the list by the door to his classroom) a boy from his preschool will be in the same class! Yay! He was one of the kids that he played with and talked about the most. Poor little guy apparently thought that he would stay all week at school and even sleep there at night. He was asking questions about where he would sleep and things like that. When we explained that we would drop him off and pick him up everyday and he would sleep in his own bed every night, he was relieved!

Well, that is all for now! I have my next appointment on Friday, so I will update again then if not before.

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