Tuesday, August 10, 2010

34 1/2 weeks

I had my 34 week appointment this morning. Everything is great! I have gained a pound since my last visit and my blood pressure was good. The nurse said it was really low, but she didn't say it was too low and I didn't ask. My doctor didn't say anything about it, so I am just glad that it still isn't too high! Baby's heart rate was 127 and she is head down! I am so glad for that! Most likely at this point she won't flip again, so we are in position and ready when the time comes. From here on out I have weekly appointments until birthday!

Here is a video of Lily moving around. I added music from youtube. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Lily is a mover and shaker already!
    I don't think I'll ever forget the awesome feeling of a womb full of life!

  2. Pretty cool. I remember that feeling.

  3. Aw! I miss when Raegan used to do that. Well, not at 3 a.m. I don't miss it, but it still was neat to feel and watch.