Sunday, August 01, 2010

"Hi Bunny!" "Bye Bunny."

Chloe LOVES the bunny that lives under our deck. He is pretty cute and we have watched him grow since he was tiny! It seems like he is getting a bit more skittish as he is getting older, but he still comes pretty close to us when we play outside.

The other day when we were out there Chloe was waving and saying "hi" to him, but as soon as he went back under the deck, she was TICKED!

This was taken right after he went back under the deck. See the very displeased face!


  1. Chloe has a bunny buddy!
    What a tame (or scared to death?) bunny! I'm amazed at how close he got. Cute! You really should watch "Miss Potter". It's the story of Beatrix Potter who made Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck famous. Maybe you've already seen it?

  2. aaahhhh! That sad broken-hearted look breaks my heart. Come back, silly bunny!

  3. Oh man, too funny. She likes animals!

  4. I love at the end of the second video when she puts on her cheesy smile for the camera!