Friday, July 30, 2010


...I took the kids out to play in the water. It really was nice to be out, but it was HOT! The water felt great :-) I don't remember why Sean was making this pouty face, but he really did have fun for the most part. I think Eleanor was playing with something that he wanted at the moment. He doesn't always "roll with the punches" very well.

You can't really see the hose/sprinkler from this picture, but Eleanor put her head in the sprinkler and she thought it was funny that she could see me upside down with her head between her legs.

Cheesy Chloe! I think Eleanor was trying to spray Sean down in the background.


  1. Eleanor is a funny girl! She's reminding me of her Mommy! These a great pics, Liv! Thanks!

  2. I just got caught up on your blog--you are so good about posting on a regular basis! Lily as big as a pineapple, that is hard to imagine! And Sean will be starting all day school, wow. Kids sure grow up fast. I'm sure he'll do great! Seems like you are nesting a lot for Lily's arrival! It is good to feel prepared though. She'll be here soon! And how cool, a mini trip to CO, that will be fun. Looks like you've been having lots of summer fun at parks and water splashing in the backyard! Just think, next summer you'll have another one in the mix!