Thursday, August 05, 2010

Colorado Day 2

The kids slept till 6:30 Thursday morning. We all went to bed around 8:30 the night before and I was up about every 2 hours with the girls, but Sean and Chris slept all night! Anyway, we all got up and around and headed down to the complimentary/continental breakfast. It was packed and hard to get around with three kids, two parents, and one stroller. Tomorrow Chris and I will take turns going down and bringing things back up for everyone to eat. They did seem to enjoy their food once we brought it all back up to our room though!

Eleanor and Chloe shared dry Cheerios, toast and waffles

Sean wanted a pancake, but they didn't have any. Thankfully they did have waffles!

I enjoyed some instant Quaker oatmeal, yogurt, a hard boiled egg, and of course COFFEE! I needed it today!

Eleanor has been "Little Mommy" to Chloe lately. She wiped her clean after breakfast.

This is day one of Chris workshop/conference, so we are hanging out in the hotel all day today and tomorrow. To help time pass we brought books, toys, colors and coloring books, and movies.

We also took a walk around the hotel. The kids enjoyed taking turns pushing the stroller.

Since Chris has the van and we are here today and tomorrow we also brought some food and snacks for lunch. So they enjoyed their lunch at this multipurpose desk/table. Last night we ordered pizza delivery, so Sean had leftovers, but the girls did not since it's cheese. They seem to do OK with cheese one day a week, but no more than that or we have problems... I'll spare you the details ;-)

I love Chloe's little crossed ankles

They also watched a Curious George DVD today on our portable DVD player and now they are napping, which is why I actually have time to be on the computer! I should probably be taking a nap too, but...well, I really don't have a good excuse :-)


  1. You planned well!
    Love continental brkfasts!

  2. Great times and memory making!