Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

Sean will start going all day Kindergarten starting September 1st, but for now he will go 12-3. I think they do that to get them ready for it and also it gives them time to observe and figure out if some of the kids need to be moved to a different classroom if there are conflicting personalities. I really like Sean's teacher, so I hope he doesn't get moved. I can't imagine that he would since he gets along pretty well with most kids.

Since he didn't have to be to school till noon, we took a walk yesterday morning. It was another cool and gorgeous (almost Fall) day! Sean found a Blue Jay feather. So pretty!

We also saw an Oak tree with lots of little acorns on it!

Well, for a "special" lunch we had McDonald's before taking Sean to school. It worked out really great too because my mom was able to come over and watch the girls so Chris and I could see him off together.

Here he is in the school yard all smiles!

His teacher was kind enough to take a picture of us all with my camera!

The Teacher's Aide helped Sean find his table and unload his supplies from his backpack. She is actually a graduate from Central where Chris teaches! Very nice girl.

The Kindergarten "mascot" is Clifford the Big Red Dog!

When it was time to pick Sean up the girls were sleeping, so Christine stayed with them and mom and I went to the school to pick him up.

Here he is with his teacher. She had a Clifford hand puppet and the kids all gave him a hug goodbye. Before the kids can leave they have to tell their teacher that their mom (or whoever) is here to take them home, then she marks her paper and sends them off. Probably a really good safety requirement these days. The doors to the school are also locked down and you have to press a button and then someone in the office has to let you in. Kind of crazy how much things have changed since I went to Kindergarten!

At home with Grammy. She gave each of the kids a little bag of treats. Sean's had a helicopter in it and he was excited to get back home to play with it!

Also in the treat bags were lollipops. The girls both had theirs while Sean was at school, but I told Sean he could have his when he got home.

Here he is with his backpack, communications folder, lollipop, and the playdough they made at school!

Eleanor didn't want to be left out
So, I think Sean had a really good first day and he was very excited to go again today! He seemed to really enjoy the music teacher (he gets that from me) and the P.E time. He said they galloped around like horses. They also got to have a little recess, but he said he only got to swing for 2 seconds and his teacher only gave him one push and told him he had to pump his legs to keep himself going. I told him it's time he learned. Oh, another highlight of the day for him seemed to be getting animal crackers for a snack and going to the library. Honestly, what's not to love about school when you are 5! I hope he continues to love it!

Pretty soon I am going to get the girls up so we can walk down to the school instead of driving to pick him up. We need to take advantage of the weather while we can, plus I need the exercise. I am sure before we even know it, it will be too cold to be walking and we will wish for the hot Summer days again!


  1. Hooray for a first day of school!

  2. I'm glad that he is liking school! I think it's great that the kindergarten starts them off at a half day at first to get them used to the school routine before they bombard them with all day 5 days a week.