Monday, August 09, 2010

Denver Aquarium

Friday evening we went to the Denver Aquarium restaurant. We'd planned on going through the actual aquarium exhibit, but by the time we got there, parked, waited for a seat in the restaurant, and then waited for our food etc., it was getting late and no one seemed too interested in the exhibit. It was still a neat experience though. From our booth we were able to see a huge wall aquarium with fish and sharks and as we sat down the scuba diver was in the water with the fish and even waved to Sean when he waved to him! The atmosphere was pretty cool, but a lot of my pictures didn't turn out great because of the lighting etc. Here are the pictures I did get though...

The shrubs were shaped like seahorses!

Apparently an aquarium isn't complete without Mr. Squarepants!

One of the few pictures of me on the trip :-)
Chloe waiting patiently in her stroller for our seat at the restaurant
Eleanor in our booth in the restaurant

Sean in our booth in the restaurant. The food was pretty good and the kids ate really well which was wonderful!

Since we opted not to go to the aquarium exhibit we let the kids choose one toy in the gift shop on the way out. The girls each got a mermaid and Sean got a clown fish. Then they played in some bubbles outside! I think it was probably wise to forgo the exhibit. Maybe we can go back again in the future when they are all older and can really appreciate it a lot more...

Chloe's mermaid is a red head :-) Eleanor's is a blond just like her!

Happy Chloe on the way back to the hotel

I spotted this "saucer" cloud on the way back. I had to take a picture! Sean thought it looked like an alien ship too ;-)

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  1. Cool restaurant! I'm so glad you all could do this fun vacation! Isn't the cloud awesome?!