Friday, August 06, 2010

Colorado Day 3

So last night we went to bed around 10. I woke up at 3 to empty my bladder since Lily likes to bounce around on it, went back to sleep and woke up again at 6ish. I knew Chris would be up around 7 to get ready for his workshop and have time to eat, and I wanted to get a shower in so I got up and got around. When I got out of the bathroom Sean was awake. Chris got around quickly and went down to grab some breakfast items for us all. Shortly after that the girls woke up too. All the kids were a bit miffed that daddy had to be gone again all day and they started out pretty whiny and argumentative. I was already tired anyway and not really looking forward to a day stuck in the hotel again, but I tried to make the best of it. Thankfully they got over their moods and ate their breakfast and played with toys and colored for a couple of hours.

Eleanor and Chloe are turning out to be pretty close companions when they are not fighting for mommy's attention :-)

Here is the sleeper sofa put back together. It didn't last long though. Sean wanted it out so he could crawl under and use it as a fort.

When their happy play time started turning into not-so-happy fight time I suggested we go get ice from the machine, so off we went. They took turns pushing Chloe in the stroller and pushing the elevator buttons.

We brought the ice back to our room and then went down to the lobby to pick up some travel brochures. We are considering driving a couple hours out of our way to Colorado Springs on Sunday on our way home so they can see (not go up) Pike's Peak from a distance. We thought if we are going to be there anyway we may as well go to Garden of the gods and/or Seven Falls. I think the Garden would be better for them though, but I'm not sure. I remember having to do a lot of walking/climbing at Seven Falls, so we probably aren't all up to that at this point in our lives...

So we brought the brochures back up to our room and then went for another walk around the building like we did yesterday. I set my alarm for 15 minutes since I knew Eleanor would probably be complaining that she was tired and her legs hurt if we were out for longer than that. I was right!

On our walk I told them to look for mountains. Here is what we saw...

Sean said, "Get a picture of me with the mountains!"

This is some sort of fruit tree. Plum I do believe.

When we got back to our room it was lunch time, so I fed the kids and let them watch a little bit of TV, then we read books for about 30 minutes and took a nap. They just now woke up, so I should sign off. Hopefully I'll update more tonight or tomorrow...


  1. The mountains are magnificent!
    You're doing well with creatively hanging out!

  2. Okay, these pictures are making me "homesick".