Thursday, August 05, 2010

Colorado Day 1

We got to Denver area around 5ish AM Wednesday morning. About 2 hours later we realized it was actually 4 AM that we got here since we were in a new time zone. Wow, we are really perceptive huh? So, we stopped at a King Soopers to use the restrooms and stretch our legs before venturing on to Denny's, which happened to be right next door to our hotel. So Denny's was convenient and good in theory, but the food was not such a great idea. Not horrible, but certainly not IHOP. Our waiter was extremely nice though. After breakfast we drove around Golden area to get a feel for our surroundings and to try to find some things to do to kill time before checking into our hotel.

We found this park online and it sounded pretty cool, but upon further inspection, it really was not all that exceptional. There were no slides or swings!

At some point as we drove around Chloe crashed out again even though the kids all slept a good portion on the drive Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning!

We enjoyed a snack of chocolate chip cookies while Chloe slept. She had one later to be fair ;-)

Another place we went was Dino Ridge!

The kids got to dig in the sand for shells and in another area they could scoop rocks and find dinosaur bones. There was also a small hands-on museum about dinosaurs with fossils and bones that had been found in this area several years back. Sorry I don't remember dates, I was going on very little sleep by that time :-) We considered going on a trail where we could see dinosaur footprints/tracks in fossils and find bones, but it was $4 per person to take the bus and we were all tired and hungry by the time they were ready for the tour. Plus, there were signs all over the premises warning about rattlesnakes being spotted in the area a lot lately and to take caution and report any that were seen, so we got a little spooked and decided that we had enough fun there for one day!

When we were finally able to get into our hotel we got settled and relaxed for a bit, then took a little swim! The water felt very warm and wonderful even though it was in the shade and not a very hot day!

Chloe was happy in the water as long as she was in mommy's or daddy's arms or on the stairs where she could sit or stand by herself. After a while though I would set her on the side of the pool or stand her up there and she would jump in to me! I think she will be the fearless little water-bug of the family!

We got the big kids some floaty rings so they are somewhat free to swim/float around, but we still made sure we were close enough to grab them if they needed help. They are starting to get the idea of kicking and using their arms.

Eleanor was a little scared of the water, but she got used to it pretty quick.

Sean had a blast and would probably spend a whole day out there if he could!


  1. Dino Ridge looks like so much fun! Where in Colorado is Golden?

  2. Even tho it was a rough start it turned out ok!

  3. Golden is a suburb of Denver. It's a nice area, but not a ton to do for a family with small children. Denver has a lot more attractions and museums etc for kids and school aged children. Probably a lot Zane would enjoy too. Tomorrow we plan on going to the Denver Aquarium and then Saturday to the Denver Zoo! I think the Dinosaur place would also be better for kids a little older than ours. They enjoyed the digging though :-) I'm sure Sean would have enjoyed the trail, but I'm not so sure about the girls...