Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party!

My Grandad put together a little Birthday celebration in honor of Grandma's 80th year of life! It was a really nice time for everyone.

Eleanor loves to cuddle with her Great Grandma Bubbles! She even put on new earrings, a bracelet and several necklaces because she knows that Grandma Bubbles loves pretty jewelry and sparkles!

Goofy Girlies!

Big and delicious Birthday Cookie from my Aunt Cyndi's store!

Pretty and yummy Birthday cake! I thought the flowers were really pretty!

The kids wanted to be included in the picture with the Birthday girl holding her cake :-)

The men cut and served the cake and ice cream. I must say they did a very nice job! Way to go on the cake cutting Grandad!

Beautiful Birthday Bouquets!

Here are some pictures of pictures that I took. They are my Grandma and her sister, my Great Aunt Arlene.

I must say that my sweet Niece, Little Miss Naomi definitely has some of her Great Grandma in her! What do you think Tab?

These aren't quite as clear as I'd hoped, but they are small pictures to being with, so I couldn't make them too big without getting a lot of "grain" in them.


  1. Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!
    Great pics! Great post!
    And yes, I still think NayNay and Grandma have definate similarities!

  2. Happy Birthday, Grandma!
    Nice photos.
    Yes, I do think she looks like Grandma!

  3. Cool pics, looks like a fun celebration! She looks great!