Sunday, July 18, 2010

32 Weeks!

Belly shots! I think these turned out pretty well considering I took them by myself last night after I put the kids to bed (Chris was at work). I LOVE my new camera! After I took these pictures I got on Picasa and Picnik to do the editing work. Not bad if I do say so myself! I had to do something with the background because I was just standing against a plain white wall in the basement. If it wasn't so hot out I would try to do some outside shots in the backyard while the kids are napping, but right now it's too hot and way too buggy! The lighting wasn't great so some of them are a little dark, but I hope you like them!


  1. You look awesome! And you did such a good job of these all by yourself!

    Do you not get stretch marks? Or very big with any of your pregnancies? *is jealous*

  2. LOL! Don't be jealous!

    I do have some tiny stretch marks on my hips, so they are cover by the jeans ;-)

    No, I have never gotten very big during pregnancy at all! My babies aren't tiny though. Sean was 6lbs 7oz, Eleanor was 6lbs 5oz, and Chloe was 6lbs 8oz. Maybe a little smaller than average, but not too little.

    I do think I have stretch marks on my belly button though too, but you can't really tell right now. After the baby is born and my body goes back to normal I can really tell that my belly button has been stretch lol :-)

  3. I like these a lot!
    Pregnancy is a marvel!
    Love ya!

  4. Beautiful photos!!! Pregnancy is such a gift.