Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T-Rex Cafe and Build-A-Dino!

Friday morning around 9 am we started out on the road to visit Chris's parents in Missouri. We had planned on meeting them in Kansas City at the T-Rex Cafe.

The drive was OK until Chloe threw up. I don't remember how far along the road we were, but she threw up 3 or 4 times in the car. Thankfully it was mostly liquid and easy to clean up and at least we had bags packed with clothes to change her into!

Anyway, the T-Rex Cafe was pretty cool! I had been there before with Tab and our friend Princess and all our kids, but Sean was 2 then and Ellie was just a baby, so it was neat to be there again with them at an older age where they could appreciate it a little more. Also, we hadn't told the kids that we were going to see Papa and Grandma because we didn't want them to ask every 5 seconds when would we be there and see them? and we didn't want them to be disappointed in case it didn't work out for us to meet up. So they were pretty excited when we got there and saw Papa and Grandma!

The food was pretty good, but a bit pricey, but the atmosphere was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

This animated T-Rex greeted us at the door with a "ROAR"!

It is decorated so cool and I love the lighting! There is a "thunderstorm" every so often and the lights flicker and there is the sound thunder and the sound of rain etc. It's pretty neat! There are also several other large animated dinos and insects. I forgot to take a picture of the big aquarium by the bathrooms, but that's pretty neat too! There is a "Dory" fish in there (from Finding Nemo).

Chloe was feeling a little better at this point. She did have a little gag issue at the table, but didn't really bring anything up. She ate a tiny bit of applesauce, but otherwise just sat with us and cuddled a little too. She was fascinated by all the lights and dinosaurs, so that helped a lot I am sure!

After our meal we went to the Build-A-Dino area in the gift shop. Sean chose an orange dino and named him Sunny, and Eleanor chose a pink dino and named her Princess. We got Chloe a baby triceratops that is green, but I haven't gotten a picture of that yet. Too much going on! Thank you Papa and Grandma for the dinosaurs!

Here is Eleanor putting her heart in her dino before stuffing her.

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