Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovin my Moby!

I got my Moby in the mail today!!! I love it! Chloe was a mostly willing "guinea pig" for me. She would probably have enjoyed it more if she had been tired, but she just got up from her nap and wanted to get down and play with her brother and sister!

I also borrowed Eleanor's doll for an idea of how the newborn hold will work. Of course this will be much different with a 6 or 7 pound baby and not a nearly weightless doll, but it still gave me an idea.

We also tried out the hip hold. I am not as big a fan of this position, but it worked OK. It felt a lot more secure though than other slings that I have used in this position.

Sorry some of these are so blurry. It will take a little practice I am sure to get these just right, but it was so much easier than I thought! I was scared to try it out at first, but I am so glad I have this. I think I will use it a ton! I love how it distributes the weight evenly over my body and across my shoulders and back.
There are a couple other options of how to use this wrap, but some of them require assistance, so most likely I won't use those often. It could be beneficial for me to learn how to nurse with the Moby, but that will definitely take practice!


  1. Very cool Liv! It makes going out with three little ones and the baby so much easier. Being hands free is a bonus! Does it come with instructions on how to wear it? Did you have to take Chloe out to turn her around or can she wiggle herself from front facing to rear facing? Sorry for all the questions, I never used on or seen one up until a few years ago. After Ryan was a baby of course. Everyone used the baby bjorn or some kind of carrier. Love the wrap idea!!!

  2. Chloe is crackin me up!! She's not sure what to think of the Moby or being all wrapped (and confined ;)) , but what a great model! I love those photos of you and her and the kids in the mirror!!

  3. Wish I knew you were looking at getting one. I would have sold mine cheap! I don't like it at all. I can't get a good fit and it hurts my back so bad. Even when Jacob was a newborn I couldn't use it. I'm on the hunt for something different this time (yes, finally!)

  4. That looks so much better than the sling I had, for distributing the baby's weight evenly. Of course, I had a lot of back problems after I had Raegan, so who knows if anything would have worked out very well for me.

    You're still so tiny! I'm jealous! :)