Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have a few coupons for Build-A-Bear and we'd planned on taking the kids sometime, but weren't sure when. Anyway, a week or so ago I got a new coupon in the mail for $12 off! The only catch was that it had to be used by the 30th and in store only. We didn't think we'd get there, so I tried to give away the coupon, but it didn't work out, so we decided not to let the opportunity pass us by. Yesterday we went to Wichita and played a DVD in the van to keep the kids silent. It went pretty smooth despite the constant road construction that seems to be taking place in that town! So we didn't tell the kids why we were there, instead we walked around the mall and got some pizza in the food court, then went to Build-A-Bear last! They had a blast! Chloe got a bear for her birthday/Christmas last year, so she didn't get one this time and she was happy to snuggle with Wraggles anyway, so maybe when she is older and understands how it works we will go back and let her pick one out too, or maybe just buy some clothes to put on her bear... Here are a few pictures...

Sean chose a camouflage bear and named him Rocky the Rockstar Airplane, but we just call him Rocky :-)

He got to step on the peddle and pump the stuffing into his bear

Eleanor chose a pink bear and named her Princess Nora, but she was afraid of the noise of the stuffing machine, so Sean stepped on the peddle for her :-)

They each picked out hearts to put in their bears and gave them hugs before they got sewn shut

Then they took them to the "air wash" station to blow the loose fur off and brush them clean. Again Eleanor was scared of the noise of the air, so Sean did that for her as well, but she did brush her own bear.

Before leaving the store they each chose a shirt for their bears and we created birth certificates for them so if they are ever lost and someone returns them to any Buildabear location they will send them to us because there is also some sort of tracking paper inside the bear.

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  1. I love Build A Bear! I can't wait until Raegan is old enough to take her to get one. They have such cute outfits. I also really like Towne East - it's one of my favorite malls to go to.