Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lilyana Mary?

So my Dear Grandma ("Bubbles") has always mentioned that she would be thrilled if someone would name a baby after her and her mother since both have the name Mary. Personally I have always liked the name, but it took a little convincing for Chris. We thought we were set on Lily Romeyn, but now I think that we will change the name to Lilyana Mary! My other grandma's name is Marylin, so really Mary is a great family name :-) We will still call the baby Lily, but Lilyana is also very pretty.

A friend of mine got this baby bather for me! I am so excited about it! Looks like it will keep baby secure and comfortable for baths.

Kids wanted their picture taken the other day

I got this handy little vacuum for the stairs and so far I haven't even had to use it because Sean was so willing and did a great job!


  1. That's so nice that Sean loves helping out! What a great son!

    That bather looks awesome!