Friday, April 23, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

Today was probably the last day that I will see Tab and the kids for quite some time! They are going back home to Florida on Sunday and we are starting our moving process tomorrow. We met at the park and had a little hot dog cookout for lunch. It was all very pleasant until Chloe threw up. So we cut it short and went home. Here are a couple of pictures that I took today.
Sean and Naomi on a dala horse

Eleanor and Chloe on a dala horse

I'm not sure what is going on with my children and why they are still throwing up randomly. I am going to try to get them in to the doctor soon and see if we can get to the bottom of this. I'm pretty sure they aren't actually sick because there are no other symptoms. I am thinking either reflux or food allergies. Hopefully nothing too serious. I am going to make some changes in the food I feed them and see if it helps.

Sean saw a "4" in the carpet. The sun was shining through the window blinds and he said it looked like a 4. It was cute how excited he was about it. I tried to get him to use his imagination and think about what else it could be. We decided it could also be a chair, bed, or an "h"!

The baby's room is all painted and dried and the curtain is up! It doesn't look very baby right now, but it will... I actually kind of like the way it looks and I like the curtains more than I thought I would.

The bathroom is finished also! I think it looks lovely! We have a shower curtain over the window. Kind of strange to have a window in the shower! Someday we want to take out the window and put in glass blocks or something...

My dad installed a new door in the garage that goes out the backyard because the old one didn't latch completely. It looks really nice and it has a deadbolt too!

Chris changed the doorknobs on the front door and the door out to the garage from inside the house. Dad also put the deadbolt on the front door, so it is doubly safe :-)

I got to pick out my new kitchen cabinets the other day and they should have been ordered yesterday, so hopefully in... I'm guessing here... 2-3 weeks we will have a new kitchen!
This picture if from the catalog, but it shows the cabinets that I chose.

I went with Birch wood, in the Seacrest door style (flat panel), and the Clove stain. It will look so nice with the existing wood work in the house!

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  1. So many exciting house improvements!!! Hope your moving is going ok! You'll have to e-mail me your new address :) .

    Hope the Dr. is able to figure out the root of the problem with the throwing up, it must be frustrating not knowing the cause.