Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eleanor's room

Eleanor had a test this morning at the hospital to find out if she has acid reflux. She was such a big girl and did so well! She had to drink a white chalky mixture that they flavored orange and she actually liked it! Then they took several xrays of her belly to see if the liquid went down or came back up. The test showed that her anatomy is working fine and she does not have acid reflux. I am thankful for that, but still not sure what is causing her night time vomiting. Anyway, I have decided to try digestive enzymes and probiotics to see if that helps. Before leaving the hospital she got a little flowery teddy bear and she really liked her "bracelet". She's so darn cute! She is sitting in our "new" chair in the basement given to us from some friends. It's very comfortable!

Now here is her room.

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