Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday and stuff

Chris took this picture of the kids this morning. They were sitting together and HAPPY! I was laying on the couch at the time because I had a killer headache! Thankfully it went away in a few hours after I rested and had some Tylenol and coffee. The caffeine usually seems to help. I also got to sleep for about an hour. I felt really bad about it too because we'd planned on going over to the house to do some cleaning, etc. We will do that tomorrow instead.

We did go to Walmart today and I brought the Blue's Clues receiving blanket to find a paint color for the baby's room. We chose the yellow. I think it will look nice because it's a small room, so the lighter and brighter color will hopefully not make it look any smaller.

Chris's mom and Granny are here this weekend and they went with us to Walmart. Sue wanted to get something for the kids, so she got them the peel and stick removable borders and stickers that they wanted for their rooms. I don't have a paint sample, but we already have some blue paint for Sean's room, so I think the Cars will look really nice with it. The great thing is that it is easily removable, so when he grows out of it we can take it down quickly and mess free!

Eleanor chose Princesses and we found a paint color that we liked to go with it. It's a purple-y/pink. We thought about doing one wall pink and the rest purple, but it seems like it'll just be easier to do all the same colors. She's going to love her girly room regardless! Hers are also the peel and stick removable :-)

While we were there I also picked up several neutral color swatches. Yikes! Why do there have to be so many? I know these pictures don't give you a good idea of the colors, but I think we will choose a neutral color to just go all throughout the living, dining, kitchen, and hallway. Maybe we will choose a color for the bathroom, but that is yet to be determined...


  1. Don't feel bad, you have a lot going on right now! Taking care of three kids, being pregnant, new house stress; enough to give anyone a headache. I've found that I've definitely been more tired with this pregnancy, and that if I don't grab that afternoon cat nap when my body tells me to, I have a hard time functioning the rest of the day.

    Cool colors and self-stick decorations! I didn't even know they had self-stick borders now, that is very cool. And like you said, when they grow out of the ones they picked out, easy to take off. I bet they're so excited about their new rooms!

  2. Cool, cool colors!!!! How fun!!! I think it's wise to chose neutral for the living, dining, kitchen, and hallway. Shannon redid her living area in a neutral color called "Taupe". It is warm and soothing and everything goes with it. The great thing about neutral is you can mix up the accents and bring about a new look easily.

  3. It's all so exciting Liv!
    It's gonna come together!
    I betcha the kids are excited too!