Friday, March 05, 2010

Loverly day!

After lunch today I decided to take the kids to the park. It is warm, sunny, and breezy. Current temp is 66! I thought we better get out and enjoy it now because it looks like rain in the forecast soon.

Chloe was asleep before we even got to the park, but I was able to transfer her to the stroller without waking her up!

Signs of Spring! This lovely yellow flower in the midst of brown dry leaves.

Some sort of buds on some sort of tree...

Maybe some of these geese never went south for Winter, but there were lots at the park today! They were enjoying the buoyancy of the water and some were sunbathing on the grass.

Eleanor found an "acorn". Sean and I tried to correct her, but she was just so sure that it was not a pine-cone!

We found some lichen? I think. I did a paper on lichen back in the day, so I should remember, but maybe I'll have to research it again.

My bear cub

Chloe woke up just in time to play at the playground.

Here is a video of Chloe rockin on the zebra. She loved that thing! I'd take her off and she go right back to it!


  1. What a nice day! Cute vid!

  2. Man, you must have some transferring skills! Seems like anytime I tried that, my kids would wake up 95% of the time. I liked the video of Chloe on the zebra!

  3. Oh that wind!!
    Great day though!
    Cute Chlo-bear, Ellie-bear and Sean-bear!