Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another great day at the park!

We took a walk at a different park this afternoon. Sean rode his bike and I pushed the girls in the stroller. Eleanor walked a little, but her legs got tired.

We stopped to take a rest on the bench and look at the water. It was so cute how they sat there and talked to each other.

They found some neat seed pods around a tree, that is what is in Ellie's hand.
Here is a video of Sean talking about the water. He likes the way it moves.

Chloe had fun on the rocket!

Another pretty sign of Spring!
Not sure why this is turned because it wasn't on my camera or on my computer...she didn't actually go down the slide, but she tried to climb up.
Sean wanted a picture of him climbing

I guess I wore them out today because they both fell asleep while I was cleaning up the kitchen. I had already moved Eleanor to her bed before I thought to take a picture!


  1. What a beautiful day! It was sunny here, but only in the 50's. Still, the Boys enjoyed a little outside time.

  2. Mac has great parks!!!
    I'm so glad you can enjoy them with the kids!