Friday, March 05, 2010

March 1st

The kids and I went to mom's on the first of March. Mom was probably a bit annoyed with me since I was on the phone or texting a lot that day! However, that was the day we made the offer on our house and it was accepted, so I was going back and forth on the phone from Chris, to our Realtor Lanae, to my Uncle John, who works at MetLife, who we are getting our home loan through. It was a crazy and exciting day! I had no idea it would all go so fast! Now of course the wait to close on the house seems like it will last an eternity!

Anyway, while we were there mom gave me a box of stuff that she was getting rid of. One of the things in the box was this
Snugli. It's probably one of the original ones! I bought it at a thrift store when Chloe was 2 months old because I was desperate for something to use! I had ordered a much nicer new one online, but it hadn't come in yet. Anyway, I left this one at mom's house in case I ever needed it when I was there. I thought I'd try it one and see what Chloe thought of it. I think she liked it a lot! As you can see in these pictures I am on the phone...


  1. So glad about your house!

  2. Way cool! Do you have pics of it? Maybe earlier in your blog, I'll have to check.