Monday, March 08, 2010

Sean spent a good portion of the day dressed up as Spiderman. Eleanor would dramatically throw herself on the floor with her baby dolls and yell, "Help Spiderman!", then Sean would rush into the room and say, "Oh no! A princess and her babies needs my help!", then he would help her up and be on his way. This went on for quite some time. I was amused that they didn't seem to tire of the same game over and over...

For supper tonight Chris made Sean a ham sandwich. Those boys love to eat ham sandwiches...with nothing on them...and they cut off the crust. Seems boring to me. I want some lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese, etc. on mine, but at least it's something they'll eat. Picky-butts. Sean ate most of it, but he started to get full, so I told him to just give it to Chloe. She apparently is a fan also.

Well, I took Eleanor to the doctor today. She has been throwing up at night lately. It's something that she has done off and on for about a year and a half. It's been becoming more frequent lately so we thought we should have her checked out to see if there is something going on with her tummy or if she has developed some sort of food allergy. Since she is growing normally and is not sickly and has no other symptoms, my doctor thinks it could be acid reflux especially since it happens at night when she is laying down flat. So, we have an appointment to check for that. She will have to drink some sort of liquid, then they will take xrays to see if it comes back up when she is laying down. Most likely if that is the problem, then we will just see if she will grow out of it, but if it gets worse she may have to be put on meds. If however this is not the cause of her tummy troubles I'm not sure where we will go from there. I just feel bad for her because it's not fun to wake up in the middle of the night to throw up...believe me I've been there! But I also want to be able to sleep without having to get up in the middle of the night to change her clothes and sheets, etc. Anyway, her appointment is the 22nd, so we are hoping for some answers. In the meantime I am going to start giving them all acidophilus again. I was doing that for a while, but I slacked off. I'm also going to keep up on her fiber intake. She does tend to get a little stopped up, so that could be part of the issue too.


  1. Scary Spidey!
    Chloe enjoys her food!!

  2. Fiber and acidophilus are great ways to go. I would also take her off of ALL SUGAR. I had severe acid reflux at night (and often during the day) and now that I am off of all sugar I have no trouble at all.