Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My poor sweeties

Your sure wouldn't know from looking that this picture, but my kiddos all have runny noses and coughs today. Sean was up several times last night not feeling well and this morning he threw up a few times. For the most part it wasn't a terrible day, but whenever they are sick they are always more whiney and they all need mommy at the same time and they are getting too big for me to hold three all at once! Thankfully the big kids cuddled together and watched Diego while I spent some much needed time with ChloBear. Poor kids just looked and sounded miserable today! And to top it off I've had a small touch of nausea off and on all day. However, they were in bed and asleep shortly after 8 tonight, so I am praying for a much better day tomorrow, though I will probably have to keep Sean home from preschool.


  1. Poor kids. And poor you! Yuk to the nausea!

  2. Poor sweeties! I'm praying for ALL of you to get better!
    Love ya, Mom