Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sleepy girls

Chloe crashed today on the living room floor! She's been sick and I think maybe teething some more too. Eleanor and I were cuddling and watching TV while Sean is at preschool and when I looked over to check on Chloe this is how I found her.

Sunday morning the kids were all still pretty sick and I was nauseous, so we stayed home from church. We don't want to spread our illness around. If I remember correctly the kids were up off and on Saturday night and up early Sunday morning, so Eleanor ended up crashing out on the chair for quite a while! Thankfully they all seem better today and Sean went to school after I kept him home on Thursday. My nausea is mostly gone now, but there are still certain smells and different things that totally make me gag!


  1. Cute little sleepy girls!

  2. Cracks me up the way kids (or sick people) can crash just about anywhere! Cutie pops!

  3. Ugh...being sick:( Well I sure hope everyone is on the mend! We just had a two people flu over here...thank goodness!