Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The girls when Sean is at school

Sean started back at Preschool today after a nice Christmas/New Year's break. While he was gone Chloe had fun trying out her new ride on/push toy that she got from Great Grandad and Grandma Bubbles. She does really good climbing on and off, but still doesn't quite know how to move her legs and feet to get it to go forward...but I know she will master that soon enough! I hope they don't mind my sharing, but I think it is so cool...my grandparents found this toy at Goodwill for $2.99! The other day while at Walmart I saw this same toy on sale for I think it was $38ish?, and the original price was $42 something! I really could not believe it! Anyway, I think it's great and a great buy too!

Eleanor had fun playing playdough. Not something we do too often because a lot of it usually ends up ground into the carpet. But she enjoyed herself and was very careful to keep it on the table. Plus, I only gave her one color at a time to avoid mixing. Here she is showing off her playdough lollipop...or maybe it was an ice cream cone. Shoot, now I don't remember. I think it was an ice cream cone though. When I went to the bank this morning she got a lollipop, so that's probably where I got that idea.

When we got back from picking Sean up, Chloe had fallen asleep in the car. I really wanted to put her in bed, but it was so close to lunch time. I was able to get her shoes and coat off without waking her up, so I laid her down on the chair. She woke up happy!