Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sometimes ya just gotta get outta town!

We decided to take a family fun day and get out of town for a while! We didn't go far, but sometimes just a little change of scenery is all it takes. We went to Salina and walked around Target, the Mall, Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Tree, and Kohl's! It was also great to see my dear friend Prisca! We don't see each other as often as we'd like. She works at the Mall, so I suppose it wasn't all that coincidental, but still it was nice to see her. When she got a break she went and got her cutie pie daughter from day care and met up with us at The Dollar Tree for a while. Her baby girl, Kirri, is just a few weeks older than Chloe!

For lunch we went to Logan's. Chris, Chloe, and I had been there two times before on "dates" while my folks kept the other two, so we weren't for sure how they'd do. They aren't the most fun to take out to eat. However!...They LOVED the peanuts! This is the kind of restaurant where you are supposed to just throw the shells on the floor. I have a really hard time with that. It just seems so wrong! But anyway, the kiddos got such a kick out of cracking the shells, eating the peanuts, and throwing the rest on the floor. We made it very clear that this was NOT something that we would embrace at home!!! For the most part they did eat well and remained fairly happy throughout the whole experience. Pretty good I'd say for not getting a nap!
I believe I have a couple of videos that I will try to get posted tomorrow.


  1. Fun! Glad you met up with Prisca.
    On peanuts at Logans and other steak houses: I always think that throwing them on the floor is such a slipping hazard! Something I would have formerly not given much thought! But, they sure are rather fun to fling... very weird drawing card for a steak house though. Seems rather in poor taste. I have mixed feelings about those peanuts!
    But knowing Sean and Eleanor got into it cracks me up a little, especially Sean! I've noticed such great improvements in his eating habits, namely, he's getting messier and less O.C.D. which is a good thing and I think the peanuts may help... as long as he and Eleanor don't throw food (more) at home!
    Thanks for sharing Liv. Sorry about the long comment. Well, no, I'm not really sorry. So...
    Love ya!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great day!