Friday, October 09, 2009

Have I ever mentioned that I am a fan of Target?

I absolutely love the cheap dollar section at the front of the store! You can get some good fun junk sometimes! It has been cool, windy, and moist lately, so we have been indoors a lot. It is nice to stay in out of the weather, but it also makes for looong days with three very active munchkins! Thankfully I got some things when we were there last that have come in handy. I was able to get 6 crayons and 6 Autumn coloring pages for just $1! This killed a little time one day this week. We also enjoyed snacking on some Triscuits (got those at WallyWorld). I am glad the kids liked them as much as I do.

Chloe happily ate her MumMum crackers while we colored
I also got a "Pin the Hat on the Turkey" game for $1!
This was fun to do with the little ones:)
They really thought it was funny that even mommy couldn't get the hat right on the turkey's head!