Saturday, October 03, 2009


At the Catholic church/school across the street from our apartment, they had Oktoberfest today! I did not get very many pictures, mostly because I ended up having to hold Chloe most of the time even though we brought the stroller, but also because it was crowded and Sean was not in a pleasant picture taking mood. However, they did have lots of fun! We got a ton of tickets for pretty cheap so the kids could play all kinds of games. Each time they "won" a game they got a certain amount of "angel bucks". When they were all done playing they got to cash in their bucks for a prize! They both decided to get water guns, which they had fun with in the tub before bed tonight!

Here is Eleanor with a pumpkin painted on her face.
She is holding daddy's hand and waiting in line to go fishing for a goody bag!

There were also fun things outside for the kids to climb and bounce around in and on. I think if there had not been so many other kids they would've enjoyed it more, but they were a little timid. Plus some of the other kids there were a lot bigger and a little rough.

Before we left we went to the Great Pumpkin Patch and let the kids pick out a couple gourds

Once we were back home Sean was ready to smile for the camera.
I think he might have been smiling more for the gourd than for me though!


  1. What great pictures of the kids!
    How nice that you took them. Have a happy day. Love, Grandma B.

  2. I totally understand your kids' timidity. You know I love people - but in small doses. Crowds of strangers can be overwhelming!

  3. Cute Eleanor! What a picture-taker she is. Sean looks cute w/ his gourd too.