Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Sunday, October 18th is my mom's birthday! I've realized I need more pictures of you mom!

Here is my mom holding Sean when she first became a Grammy:)

Here she is with Eleanor (around 6 months?)
Eleanor is her fourth grandbaby! Crazy huh?
I am serious when I say that you do not look like a Grammy mom!

Here is my beautiful mother with Chloe a few days after she was born.
Love your hair in this one mom:) You also look really good in that color!

Mom with her girls
Hoping it's a great birthday!


  1. I"m the proud mother of the birthday gal!!! What an inspiration you are to your family.Your daughters now carry on the faith and commitment with their children that was shown to them. We love you Laurie. Happy Birthday. Dad and Mom

  2. Thanks Liv love! Wow! What blessings my children and grandchildren are! I REMEMBER how it was to hold Sean, my first grandbaby and how proud I was/am of his Mommy! Thanks for the cute b-day background!

  3. We do have a nice lookin mom! Hot mama!