Monday, October 19, 2009

Mom's party

Last evening we had a little party at mom's for her birthday with Grandad and Grandma. I t was a nice time, but both mom and I were upset that we didn't think to get a group picture!

Chloe wasn't feeling well.
She enjoyed snuggling with Grammy and Grandad a lot last night!

My grandad gave mom the cup that he had in Korea.
Here is my mom's blog with a close picture and story.

I was thrilled to find a Gustafer Yellowgold DVD and plush toy for my mom!:)

I don't know why this is side ways, but this is a table from my Great Aunt Arlene to my mom.
It belonged to my Great Grandma Mema. For more of the story visit my mom's blog again!

Sean is also a fan of Gustafer!

Poor sick Chloe! She cuddled with Grammy for a long time!
I believe she is getting better, but she did/does have a stomach bug:(


  1. Thanks Liv! Love ya bunches!
    Next time we all get together, let's take a photo of the group!
    You did get some nice photos!

  2. Really nice photos! Looks like a nice get-together.