Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sean's Preschool Fire Station Field Trip

I got to go with Sean to the Fire Station today! We both enjoyed it! Our guide, who is the assistant Fire Chief, was really great with the kids.

Sean and his best friend Genesis did NOT want to sit in the driver's seat of the big truck!

But they did touch the truck with Arryn and Amos (Genesis mom and brother)

Eventually they did sit in the back where the firemen sit.

The tires are HUGE!

The reflective gear on the fireman's gear kind of glowed when my camera flashed.

Dave showed us the "Jaws of Life"

And he also showed us the different sizes if hoses.

Miss Schrag dressed up in the fireman gear and Dave showed us how they crawl through the fire and smoke to rescue people in danger.

He also showed us this mask that protects their ears and necks. Before they started using these, many of the firemen got burnt on their ears and necks.

The kids got to take turns wearing the big helmet!

Here are all the kids in Sean's Preschool along with Mrs. Temple

Dave slid down the "Pole Hole"

We got to meet the fire dog!

Everyone got to talk to him and pet him

Each child got a hat, coloring/fire safety book, and fire chief sticker.

Sean took a picture of me in his hat

We couldn't leave the sisters out!


  1. Wow! It looks like they put on a really good field trip! I cant beleive all the things they showed you and let the kids do! Too cute! Great pics too!

  2. Great pictures Liv!! Nice to see Seans friend. Group pictures were great. So many memories for Sean in later years. Love, grandma

  3. This is a hot post! I'm so glad you both had a nice time! Sean really took it all in! Great photos!