Friday, September 04, 2009

Pajama Pleasantries

It is a very cloudy day today. I love this kind of weather! However, since it did rain last night we were unable to play outside like the kids wanted. So since this is Chris's long work day (he has to work 5-midnight at Dillon's tonight after he gets home from teaching around 4), I thought that I would try to make at least the first part of the day go a little quicker for my sake. We went to Dollar General and then to Walmart to get just a few things and also just to wander around and give us something to do other than sit around at home. At Dollar General Sean caught a glimpse of some "cool pj's"! He was so excited about them and Eleanor has been needing some anyway, so I let them each pick out a set. They couldn't wait to get home and put them on! I was surprised that Sean went with the construction equipment pjs instead of the Disney Cars ones, but I thought it was kind of cute too because he said that Grandad, Papa, and Daddy use big boy tools like the ones on the pajamas! Eleanor of course is my little princess!


  1. This is what I call "comfort" So fun to play in loose clothing and the kids always look so cozy. Good job in the living room. The blue makes it come alive. Chris, Yor're really getting good at painting. You and Liv know how to spruce up the home.Love you, Grandma b.

  2. Fun! They sure look excited!

  3. Those pjs are great. Sean's pjs are a nice change from the ever popular Cars stuff they have out there.

    Ellie looks so pleased with her princess jammies.