Monday, September 07, 2009

Aunt Nacy visitng and a birthday

My Aunt Nancy came for a visit from Florida. She was here for her high school reunion, but we also had a family dinner yesterday evening at my parent's house. Below is a picture of the crew.

Back row from left: Aunt Julie, Grandad Don, Aunt Nancy holding Chloe, Cousin Nathan, Mom (Laurie), Dad (Mike) holding Sean, Grandad Dale holding Eleanor, Grandma Marylin, and Me.

Saturday was Grandad Don's birthday, so yesterday we also celebrated his special day!
Here is a candy bar cake that my grandma brought. Yum!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the candles


  1. Looks like fun! That cake is cool. Did G-ma M make it?

  2. I am pretty sure that she bought it, but it looks like something that could make. So cute and tasty!

  3. What a nice reunion! Thats a fabulous idea for a cake! Are those kit kat bars??? I think I'm hungry. Whats with all the food posts? Tab has one about chips...I'm STARVING now!