Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thumbs and Flowers

The first three pictures that I have posted are of Eleanor sucking her thumb when she was about the same age as Chloe. Eleanor always had to have something in her mouth, and for a while it was her thumb. We tried a few different pacifiers before we finally found one that she would actually take and then she didn't give it up until right around the time that Chloe was born! I have noticed when I look back at pictures that Eleanor very often had a paci, or a finger, or a toy in her mouth and very rarely had a smile. That has since changed and she is a great "cheeser" when the camera is out.

Today Chloe was laying on the couch and I could hear her sucking quite loudly. I assumed that she had her paci, but I soon realized that she too was sucking on her thumb! I believe she also does this at night when I lay her down after a feeding because I hear the same sucking noises. She also seems to have that need to suck like Eleanor did, but she is not as fond of the pacifier as Ellie was. I can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing. On one hand I am glad that she can use her thumb to "self-sooth", but on the other, I don't want her to get so attached to her thumb that she is still sucking it in grade school! Whatever happens I still think she is a little cutie with her thumb in her mouth.

I took this picture of Chloe sleeping in the swing yesterday. I probably should have used the video feature on the camera so you'd know just how serene and peaceful she looked with all the noise and chaos going on around her.

These were also taken yesterday. Chloe is sitting in her Bumbo with Eleanor's flower on her head.


  1. Such sweet baby girls!
    Yes, in MOST cases kids grow out of sucking their thumbs and in ALL cases that I know pacis can be forgotten! Hopefully Chloe will fit into the first case scenario and forget her thumb when it is time!

  2. Chloe looks a lot older to me now in these pictures! I sucked my thumb until kindergarten. Hayley sucks hers a lot. Her Dr. is of the opinion that it isn't harmful until around age 4; we'll see how things go if I ever have to help her stop. Did Sean use a pacifier or thumb at all?

  3. Such sweet pics. I do think they look cute with their thumbs in their mouths as babies but yes what a hard habit to break.