Friday, March 27, 2009

Milestone alert

Chloe rolled over from her tummy yesterday after her bath! She is 14 weeks today! Sean rolled over for the the first time when he was 14 weeks and Eleanor rolled over when she was 4 months. Just some fun facts.

Here she is enjoying her bath before she rolled over

Happy and wrapped snugly in her towel after her bath before she rolled over

After Chloe used up so much energy rolling over she was ready to rest in her swing. Tomorrow I will post a video of Chloe jibber-jabbing.


  1. Sweet Chloe is getting so big. Now SHE looks like her mama.

  2. So does that mean she's going to be like Sean since she rolled the same time as him???

  3. Sweet little Chloe.She is a happy little one.You'd better get you some running shoes Liv. I think she is going to give you a merry chase!!Love, Grandma B.

  4. I just love that happy
    Chloe baby!