Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Quite 2-Year-Old Cuteness

I have been very sneezy the last couple of days and I am hoping that I am not coming down with something. I think that it is probably allergies of some sort with the changing of seasons. Anyway, I put Eleanor on the potty the other day and just as I sat her down I let out quite a sneeze! My sweet Ellie who will be a big two year old on Saturday the 28th said, "Bless you Mommy!". It was the most surprising and the cutest, sweetest part of my day. I can't believe that my big baby girl is going to be 2 already!


  1. Sigh. . .. .it really does go terribly fast, Liv!

  2. How sweet is THAT?!
    Eleanor wishes you blessings and I do too!
    Love ya!

  3. They do grow up too fast! She has the same birthday as one of Hayley's good friends here; he'll be turning 3.